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Rectal itch.

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KK is doomed goddammit
  louhi, May 02 2009

I got 8 times KK in the last 900 hands, lost 7 times against AA and won once against AA when rivered quads.

I would really like to know how often does this shit happen.

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sensorship and lesbians.
  louhi, Jan 19 2009

You are limiting my freedom of speach or something. but to have it your way. These are no longer p0rn but tastefull images with mmm... swimsuits.

NSFW what does it mean?
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Is it cos I is black?

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My wife whores NL10
  louhi, Jan 18 2009

Lol my wife is raping everyone at NL10 shortstacking. And I've got a pic of amateur lesbians.

She still has some leaks but it's been pretty smooth over 4BB/100 for the last 30k hands. I for one shouldn't be talking, I'm running -0,15BB/100 for 115k at NL50 since november. Rakeback is the only thing that helps me sleep. If some of you has any ideas please feel free to comment.

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